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I went to see the new Captain America movie last night and I highly recommend you see it as well. I’m very selective the movies I support these days. If they support the people, educate, make people think, unveil the truth many aren’t able to see that affects all of our lives, I support them with my $ and time.
Going to try not to give too much away but the basic idea is the CIA is shown to be controlling all of government (like they do) only under a different name; it’s called “Shield”. They even mention that the program was created by Operation Paperclip. This was declassified program that brought Nazi Germany’s Elite Scientists into the US. This lead to the creation of the CIA, MK ultra experiments, the Police State and foreign wars/coups that have happened since and eroding our Liberty in a false sense of security. The CIA is the police force for the shadow government (Central Bankers) that run the whole show.

In the movie, psychopathic power hungry heads of Shield that are responsible for the police state surveillance and modern warfare weapons, plot to kill 20 million Americans(false flag) to justify the need for a weapons/surveillance state that could instantly kill anyone in the world “before”(thought crimes) they commit a crime. In other words, they use an algorithm program that inputs all of your data to predict you may commit a future crime and take you out ahead of time.
The movie also uses the words New World Order to show this is all a plot to usher in world government controlled by the authoritarian Elite. For their plans to succeed, the people must willingly give up all Liberty for a false sense of protection and security. There is a great quote in the movie by Captain America, “This isn’t freedom, we’re holding a gun to every citizen’s head and calling it security.”
Like every good movie, the solutions and hope are the main focus. Captain America realizes he has been used by the State as a soldier with good intentions serving a police state that is no longer on the right side of history. He shows that civil disobedience and not following orders and even standing up directly against those giving the orders is the answer.

Notes from the Directors themselves on the Liberty based message: Read the interview CLICK Here!

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